1390 CO₂ laser engraving machine

MODEL: BY- EA - 4060

LASER TYPE: Glasstube CO₂ laser


WORKING AREA: 1300*900mm


Advertising industry: trophy, authorization card, two-color board, acrylic and other processing

Office industry: menu, menu, bidding document, invitation card, personalized business card processing

Packaging industry: wine boxes, tea boxes and other processing

Gift industry: water cup, bamboo slips, fan and other handicrafts processing

Decoration industry: window cutting, ceramic tile, leather carving, etc

Printing industry: rubber, printing plate



High speed inlet sliding mode guide rail ,to ensure high engraving accuracy, fast cutting and low noise

RUINDA control system , to ensure that the engraving and cutting completed once

Double platform, aluminum platform with  location hole can assure the quality of large scale carve and also let repeat carve simplification.  Honeycomb platform ensures perfect product cutting.

Durable ,can continuous work for 24 hours,suitable for mass production.


Laser power:      100W/130W/150W

Working area:    1300*900  (mm)

Cooling way:       Water cooling

Engraving speed:    0-1200 mm/s

Cutting speed:         0-600 mm/s

Position accuracy:   <0.01mm

Min Shaping Character:    2*2mm

Rails:              Mould guide rail

Software:       DSP ( RUIDA 6442S)

Driver:    Leadshine Stepper Motor

Auto-focus: As optional

CCD: As optional

Power consumption:    500w

Demand for electriciy :   220V 50/60Hz


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