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  • laserwelding

    What is the advantage of laser welding?

    Compared with the traditional welding process, laser welding technology shows significant advantages, which are reflected in the following aspects: 1. High precision and high quality: laser welding ha…

  • laser paint removal on wood

    What is the fastest way to remove paint from wood?

    When exploring the fastest way to remove paint from wood, laser paint removal technology stands out as an efficient and innovative solution.With its unique advantages over traditional methods such as …

  • laserpaintremovalfrom old car

    A Canadian customer, using a 2000w laser cleaner to remove old car paint.

    Laser paint removal is an environmentally friendly process used to remove paint layers from metal surfaces without damaging the substrate. BY laser 2000W laser Cleaner is a very popular choice. You ca…

  • Metal Laser Marking

    Is laser marking permanent?

    Yes, laser marking is permanent.Laser marking technology, is the use of high energy density laser beam local irradiation of the material surface. This causes the surface material to evaporate or under…