From entrepreneurship to among the laser marking machine industry TOP, General Manager Hanjie Jia’s startup story


From university graduation to starting a business, to being among the Alibaba industry leaders in the business, the independent production of laser equipment sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and other regions. (hereinafter referred to as " Bing Yan Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.") General Manager Hanjie Jia's startup story can be said to be one of the epitome of China's laser equipment industry to thrive and gradually go global.

After graduating from university in 2010, Hanjie Jia with his friends established  Luoyang Bing Yan Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. and started their business. 

General Manager Hanjie Jia

In 2019, Hanjie Jia began to contact Alibaba to transform foreign trade. And the company's foreign trade performance has grown steadily with a momentum of doubling every year. By the end of 2023, the annual turnover of Bing Yan Laser exceeded 60 million Chinese yuan, while ranking among the Alibaba industry leader merchants, Alibaba laser marking machine industry TOP 1.

Entrepreneurial transformation

Become the TOP Laser Marking Machine Industry in Alibaba

"Our profession has a strong correlation with the product." Hanjie Jia said. 

Because the university studied mechatronics, after graduating from college in 2010. He started his business with a friend who learned software programming. And Bing Yan Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. was born.

Bingyan Laser Factory

At that time, there was only one idea in his mind. " Do a good job with the equipment, do a good job after-sales, and surely you can survive."

After 8 years of accumulation, the turnover in 2018 reached about 7 million Chinese yuan.

The opportunity for transformation occurred in 2019. "Because we met the local service team of Alibaba in Luoyang, and also learned about some overseas demands. We thought to try it out to further expand the market."

Immediately, Bing Yan Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. was stationed in Alibaba and opened the first verified shop. Not long after, a U.S. customer consulted, " We sent the verified factory inspection certificate to the customer, and soon placed an order," which makes Hanjie Jia still fresh in his mind.

Since then, adhering to the "adhere to the product quality, constantly understand the overseas buyers market, Keeping up with the growth of Ali's platform" three major strategies, Hanjie Jia gradually layout.

In 2021,  BingYan Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. opened the second Alibaba shop, the layout of developing markets. In March 2023,  Bing Yan Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. opened the third Alibaba shop, the main OEM business.

At the same time, combined with P4P, the top exhibition, asks for traffic coverage. Gradually strengthen the brand image, and constantly improve the brand's influence in the target market and target customer groups.

In June 2023, Bing Yan Laser Equipment became “the industry leader merchant of Alibaba.” The amount of inquiry has roughly doubled more than before". This is the most intuitive feeling of Hanjie Jia. "

Bingyan laser team

"Cross-border e-commerce, you have to do it seriously, is sure to get results." Hanjie Jia always believes in the value of choosing the right direction and always working hard. It is revealed that as of the end of 2023  Bing Yan Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

 has become the Alibaba subcategory laser marking machine industry's TOP1 merchant, with an annual turnover exceeding 60 million yuan.

Growing with Customers

Building Bing Yan's Overseas Brand

In the past few years, Hanjie Jia has grown up and has been hit by tenderness many times.

"We once had a Peruvian customer who drove more than 400 kilometers to the airport to pick up his goods by himself because of poor local logistics facilities. His recognition of the product encouraged us."

Also across the ocean, an American single father, relying on Bing Yan Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.'s products, opened his own small DIY shop.

"Then his business got better and better, and now he still has the will to be our distributor." Hanjie Jia said that Bing Yan's laser equipment has made this American customer better, not only in terms of economic conditions but also in terms of his thinking and pattern.

 "I think it's quite good, and it makes us feel that we're doing something very valuable."

customer visit Bingyan Laser Factory

Moved along the way, growing along the way. In the future, Hanjie Jia wants to further build  Bing Yan Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. overseas brand - Bingyan.

Hanjie Jia revealed that when he did research in the early days, he found that there were voices on the forum reacting to the lack of after-sales service for Chinese laser equipment.

At that time, he thought that he must make sure that every piece of Bingyan laser machinery bought by overseas customers could get after-sales service. He also hopes that through the continuous efforts of himself and his team, together with Chinese manufacturing enterprises build global recognition of Chinese laser machines.

Bingyan company- building

Article Sourced from Alibaba International Report

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