What is the advantage of a laser cutting machine?


Principle of laser cutting:

Laser cutting is carried out by electron discharge as the supply energy, through the gas mixture of He, N2, CO2, etc. as the excitation medium, and the use of a reflector group focusing to produce a laser beam, to cut the material.

The process of laser cutting:

Under the excitation and drive of the CNC program, the laser generator produces a specific mode and type of laser light, which is transmitted to the cutting head through the optical system and focused on the surface of the workpiece, melting the metal; at the same time, the nozzle spews out auxiliary gases from the direction parallel to the beam and blows away the molten slag; driven by the programmed servo motors, the cuttinghead moves the predetermined routes, thus cutting out various shapes of the workpiece.

Features of laser cutting:

1. It has a narrow slit and small workpiece deformation.

The laser beam is focussed into a tiny point of light so a high power density is achieved at the focal point. With the relative linear movement of the beam and the material, the hole is continuously formed into a slit with a very narrow width. The cutting edge is very little affected by heat, the workpiece has no deformation.

2. It has a wide range of adaptability and flexibility

Compared with other conventional processing methods, laser cutting has greater adaptability. Most organic and inorganic materials can be cut by laser. In the industrial manufacturing system, which occupies the weight of the metal processing industry, many metal materials, no matter what kind of hardness it is, can be deformation-free cutting.

3. It is a kind of contactless processing with high energy and controllable density.

The laser beam is controllable and has high adaptability and flexibility.

As a result:

(1) it is convenient to combine with automation equipment, and it is easy to automate the cutting process;

(2) as there is no limitation on the cutting workpiece, the laser beam has unlimited profiling cutting ability;

(3) Combined with the computer, it can be lined up with the whole board and save materials.

BY Laser 3-in-1 laser machine is a laser machine that combines three different functions - laser cutting, laser cleaning, and laser welding - in one machine.

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It has an ergonomically designed, lightweight, compact, and flexible body with a built-in integrated control system, laser system, and cooling system. With powerful cutting, welding, and cleaning functions, it ensures optimal productivity.