What is the advantage of laser welding?


Compared with the traditional welding process, laser welding technology shows significant advantages, which are reflected in the following aspects:

1. High precision and high quality:

laser welding has a very high energy density, can focus on a very small area, forming a fine, deep weld, to ensure the high precision and aesthetics of the welded parts. The small width and depth of the weld seam and the small heat-affected area reduce the deformation of the material and improve the mechanical properties and appearance quality of the welded parts.

2. Non-contact and Flexibility:

Laser welding is a non-contact process, which does not require external force on the weld material and avoids physical damage to the workpiece. At the same time, through the fibre optic transmission technology, the laser beam can flexibly reach the position that is difficult to reach by traditional welding, which is suitable for welding complex structures and micro-fine parts.

3. Energy efficient:

laser welding is fast and can significantly improve production efficiency. Especially in the automated production line is more obvious. Due to its low heat input, high energy efficiency, compared with traditional welding methods can significantly save energy.

4. Wide applicability:

laser welding can handle a wide range of metal and non-metal materials, including but not limited to stainless steel, aluminium alloy, copper alloy and ceramics, etc., especially suitable for dissimilar materials welding. For material combinations with large differences in thickness and thermal conductivity, laser welding can also achieve high-quality welding results.

5. Environmental protection and safety:

laser welding process produces less fumes and harmful gases, and does not produce arc light. The working environment is safer, cleaner, in line with the environmental requirements of the modern manufacturing industry.

6. Easy automation integration:

laser welding is easy to combine with robotics, vision systems and other modern automation technology. To achieve precise control and unmanned operation, reduce manpower costs, improve productivity and welding consistency.

7. Reduce the cost of follow-up processing:

due to the high quality of the weld, laser welding usually does not need or only a small amount of follow-up processing. Such as grinding, deburring, etc., thus reducing the overall production costs.

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