Application examples of Laser Cleaning Machine


These are some application examples of laser cleaners, including different laser types, different wattages, and different materials. It will continue to be updated!

Application examples of Fiber Continuous Laser Cleaning Machine

1500w laser cleaning machine for Paint Removal
2000w laser cleaning machine for Paint Removal
1500w Laser Pipe Rust Removal for our customer on-site test
3000W laser cleaner for Rust removal
2000 Watt Laser Cleaner Removes Stains from Marble

2000W laser engine cleaning

Application examples of Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

100W Backpack Pulse laser Cleaner Remove oil stain
200w pulse laser cleaner removes the oxide layer
100w portable pulse laser Cleaner removes red paint
100w Pulse Laser cleaner removes mold
300w Pulse laser cleaner removes paint from wood
100w pulse laser cleaner removes wall graffiti

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