Application of laser cleaning machine.


The laser cleaning machine can pre-treatment on the metal product or part, it can keep the product quality. Application of laser cleaning machine is wide.
It can remove rust, oil, oxide layer paint, etc on metal products or parts. Therefore laser cleaning machine is widely used in industry.

The laser cleaning machine can remove the rust on metal materials, car wheel hubs/chassis, car engines, mold, soldering seams, exterior walls of buildings, old stone statues, metal pipes, electronics, weaponry equipment, painting of airplanes, etc.

We will introduce the details application for the laser cleaning machine below:

1、 Removing the rust on metal materials

The laser cleaning machine can remove the rust, and oxide layer, it can clean it very well, and it won't damage the metal.

2、 Laser cleaning for the electronics industry

If you want to clean the oxide layer for electronics industry, the laser cleaning machine will be suitable for you. For example, before the PCB welding, the part pin needs to remove the oxide layer and it requests not damage the part
pin. The laser cleaning machine can do it with high efficiency.

3、Laser cleaning for pre-treatment brazing and welding

For pre-treatment brazing and welding, it is one of applications for laser cleaning machines. It helpful for removing the black, color metal, oil, and other pollutants for metal and aluminum. It is not only for high-quality welding but also
can keep the smooth and no hole soldering seam.

4、 Laser cleaning the mold.

It needs fast and reliable for cleaning the mold of tires, then it can save some time and improve work efficiency.
Due to the laser cleaning machine with a fiber optic line, it can clean the blind angle and corners not easy to arrive.

5、 Laser cleaning machine for car parts.

Laser cleaning the mold of the tire, car wheel hub /chassis, paint of the truck, and part of the car.

6、 Cleaning for old paint of airplanes and ships.

After a long time of work on airplanes or ships, the surface needs to be repainted, so it needs remove the old paint first. Traditional cleaning way will damage the surface of the airplane and not be safe for the airplane. You can consider our
laser cleaning machine. it won't damage the surface of materials.

7、 Laser cleaning for the exterior wall of the building, old stone statue

The laser cleaning machine can clean the exterior wall of the building, and old stone statues, it won't damage it.
And it can protect cultural relics.

8、 Laser cleaning machine for removing paint from small areas.

For the car industry and other industries, the laser cleaning machine can remove the paint and won't damage the materials.

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