How to Choose the Right Laser Cleaning Machine?


For the emerging application of laser cleaning, the continuous laser should pulse laser or appear in different voices. Many industrial end-users in the choice of time do not know how to choose.

In this article, we will make a detailed introduction to the characteristics, differences, and suitable application areas of the two.

1. Difference in principle between two types of laser cleaners.

Firstly, both can remove dirt from the surface of the substrate. The difference only lies in the pulsed laser transmitter chosen for pulsed laser cleaners and the continuous laser transmitter chosen for continuous laser cleaners.
Continuous laser cleaning machine is through continuous irradiation of the laser beam. Thus pyrolysis and evaporation of dirt grease and other organic matter on the surface of the workpiece to achieve the cleaning effect.
The pulsed laser cleaning machine is through intermittent irradiation of the laser beam to produce a high-intensity thermal pulse. Thus, the surface of the stain is explosively evaporated.

2. The difference between the two in application.

Based on the above introduction of the cleaning principle of continuous laser cleaner. It is almost always damaging to the substrate. So this kind of cleaning machine is more suitable for cleaning and removing rust in large areas.

Examples include steel plate descaling, automotive paint removal, shipyard, and rail descaling.

However, pulse laser cleaners can selectively clean pollutants on the surface of materials to achieve the effect of not harming the substrate.
It is suitable for the restoration of historical artifacts, precious works of art, cleaning of various molds, precision instruments, removal of weld residue, cleaning of graffiti walls, expensive jewelry, and any product that requires gentle cleaning.
If your products have high cleaning requirements, then the pulse laser cleaner is your optimal choice.

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laser cleaner

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