Handheld pulse fiber laser cleaner

Price: $7800-50000

Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine
Scope:removal rust, removal paint, remove oil, remove oxide layer,removal wood, cleaning mold
Laser power: 100w 200w 300w 500w
Laser source: JPT
Power supply voltage:110V/220V/380V

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Advantages of pulse cleaning machine: no damage to the substrate, especially suitable for cleaning various molds, precision instruments, stone statues, and wood



Principle :Laser cleaning machine is the use of high-energy laser beam irradiation workpiece surface, so that the surface of dirt,rust or coating evaporation or stripping, so as to achieve a clean cleaning object process.



Metal Remove rust, remove paint, remove oil, remove oxide layer
mold residue cleaning: oil, rust, paint
Suitable for all kinds of molds: food mold, rubber mold, tire mold, automobile mold, electronic mold, mechanical mold, clothing shoes mold, precision instrument cleaning, etc
wood cleaning: Remove paint and stains from wood

Car Cleaning: Car Rust Cleaning,Car hub chassis,Engine components,
Weld process: Pretreatment before and after weld
Stone cleaning: Cultural relics cleaning, stone figure cleaning, stone wall cleaning,graffiti cleaning,laser graffiti removal machine
Pipeline cleaning: Large size pipe, flange rust cleaning

Applicable to a wide range of industries:
Automobile parts, tires, hardware workpieces, circuit boards, food processing, electronics electrical, precision machinery, aircraft, ships, Railway construction, etc.


Factory advantage

We have 12 years of laser equipment experience,CE、FDA、ISO9001 Certificated
Exported over 100 countries,Sold more than 10000 sets machine
if you have any need for laser cleaning , we have the right laser solution for you.
Competitive Price,We have signed strategic cooperation agreements with major component manufacturers like (RAYCUS, JPT, DAVI, SINO-GALVO) , which enable us to offer more competitive prices.


product Advantage

first-line accessories ,Fiber laser source service life of 100,000 hours.
Long service life,Low maintenance cost: no consumables.
Easy operation, learn within 10 mins,Fast cleaning,Save labor cost .
Stock available,shipping quickly, delivery to door.
Machine warranty one year,Free after-sales maintenance










EMAIL: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +86 133 3387 1331


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