Fiber laser cleaner

2023 New Continuous Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine Paint Laser Rust Removal

Handheld Continuous Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Model: BY-CL

Scope: Rust removal, Paint removal, Oil removal, Oxide layer removal

Laser power:1000w、1500w、2000w、3000w

Cooling method: Water Cooling
Handheld fiber Laser Cleaner can be cleaned without adding any chemicals, dust, water, or media.
It has a good cleaning effect on iron, carbon steel plate, wood, mold, aluminum plate, paint layer, and other materials.
We can support OEM & ODM service
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Product features:

  1. Super simple operation: Start-up and cleaning in two steps
  2. Mobile cleaning: Trolley type, can be moved anywhere
  3. Stable cleaning system with easy maintenance: Safe operation and long work life
  4. Improved efficiency in large-area cleaning: Excellent cleaning speeds
  5. Green cleaning method: Economical, energy-efficient, and reliable cleaning process



Handheld Fiber Laser cleaning machine-advantage

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Handheld Fiber Laser cleaning machine- FDA

laser cleaning machine-can be pushed,put in the car

Built in air-pump,support 16 languages



laser cleaning


Technical parameter
Product name Continuous handheld laser cleaning machine
Laser source  MAX ,bwt (optional)
Laser power 1000w、1500w、2000w、3000w
Laser source Fiber laser JPT laser wavelength 1064nm
Laser type continuous
Length of conveying cable 10-20m
Total power 5500-9500W(with water cooling machine)
Cleaning efficiency 15-45㎡/h
Scan width 10-160mm
Cooling way water cooling
Power supply voltage 110V/220V/380V
Dimensions 845*460*605mm/ 905*480*630mm/ 1240*584*1148mm
Net weight 106kg/113kg/137kg/225kg
Cleaning Method  Laser, non-contact
No Consumables  Only need electricity
Cleaning Effect  High cleanliness

Cleaning Test Parameter


Cleaning -Test parameter


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Whatsapp: +86 13781961057

Our Advantage
  • We have exported to more than 80 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Mexico, etc with CE, FDA, and ISO9001 certification
  • Professional engineer teams can support customized automatic equipment services based on different requirements.
  • Equipped with English user manual, VCD training video & tutorials;
    Easy to operate, customer service guidance, and convenient for new users to learn quickly.
  • 1-year warranty for the whole Machine, 2 years Warranty for the Laser Source;
  • Warranty service: video technical support, 24-hour online support, after-sale repair service


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