Why do UV laser marking machines need to be equipped with a chiller?


UV Laser Marking Machine

Today, UV laser marking machine is very widely used. It can be used for ultra-fine marking and special material marking due to good beam quality. Extremely small focused spots, and small processing heat-affected zones. It is the preferred product for customers who have higher requirements on marking effect.

Bingyan Laser Portable 3w Split-type uv-laser-marker-machine

Laser Chiller

For example, a lot of common in our daily life of all kinds of plastic packaging, glass, crystal, and so on with the UV laser marking machine.

It can be marked on plastic, metal, silicone, glass, PP, rubber, and so on. At the same time, if we use the UV laser marking machine, we will find that it will support the use of a laser chiller. Then what is the working principle of the laser chiller? What is its use for UV marking?

Video of test samples

What is a chiller?

A water chiller is a kind of water-cooling equipment. The principle of the chiller is to first inject a fixed amount of water into the inner tank of the machine. And cool the water through the refrigeration system. Then the water pump inside the machine injects the cooling water into the equipment that needs to be cooled. Cooling water will machine heat away. The high temperature of the hot water will be returned to the tank again for cooling.

The chiller on the right side

Such a cycle of exchange cooling plays the role of equipment cooling. The corresponding control device can be set according to the parameters required to control the work of the compressor refrigeration system. Thus, the cooling water temperature of the equipment is controlled in the specified range. So that the equipment runs stably and safely.

The role of the chiller in the UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine in the operation process, because of the long operation and high-temperature heating, will need a chiller on the side of the circulating water cooling, to control the temperature within the range.
This will not only extend the working life of the UV laser marking machine but also improve its marking accuracy. Let the UV laser marking machine not long time high-temperature heat and damage, so this chiller is the cooling system of the UV laser marking machine.

Through the laser chiller for its precise temperature control and cooling to provide the quality and accuracy of marking, but also to enhance the use of the UV marking machine time, and cost savings.

So why is there no chiller for fiber laser marking machines?

It is because the cooling system of the fiber laser marking machine is air-cooled, and the use of a built-in fan can solve the heat dissipation problem. As for the CO2 laser marking machine, both air-cooled and water-cooled are available.