Automatic laser marking line for LED bulb



Automatic laser marking equipment is combined with the actual production needs, customized plans to realize the marking production process from semi-automatic to automatic and the whole marking process has been automated, saving enterprise labor costs and improving production efficiency.


Suitable for marking of various LED lamps, and non-standard automatic marking in other industries.We can also provide various professional automation program design and automation engineering services based on our ability to integrate research,development, production, sales and service.






The automatic marking machine for LED lamp is developed and designed by our company for the production industry of LED lamp.

The equipment meets the requirements of high production speed,large demand and fine marking in the industry.

Customized production can be carried out according to different needs of customers.

Laser power 30W
Laser wavelength 1065±10nm
Laser beam M2: <1.4
Rate 20-80Khz
Marking area 175*175mm
Marking Speed ≤7000mm/s
Engraving Depth 0.01mm-0.4mm (According the material)
Consumed Power ≤1500W
No. of the laser marker 2sets
Servo motor 400W
Customized Fixture 50pcs46pcs for actual use4pcs as spare
Production Efficiency approximate 2500pcs /hour
Power 220V±10%/50Hz/4A,
Laser mould lifetime 100000h
Type of cooling air cooling
System control systemindustrial computerassembly linemarking system
Environmental conditions no or  less dust.
Temperature 10°C to 35°C
Humidity 5% to 75%

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