Flexible label laser marking systems with automatic re-winder



Automatic laser marking equipment is combined with the actual production needs, customized plans to realize the marking production process from semi-automatic to automatic and the whole marking process has been automated, saving enterprise labor costs and improving production efficiency.


Flexible label laser marking systems with automatic re-winder.

Suitable for laser anti-fake marking of roll flexible material.






Compatible with walking beam static laser marking and flying laser marking.

Have deviation rectification control and tension control,to make sure material belt tide and crease-proof.

Each group of mark patterns on the material belt can be combined with any pattern and mark angle.

Can equip with visual laser marking.

Laser type 30W CO2 laser
Marking Area 110×110mm(4.3×4.3in)
Working Area 300*200mm
Laser Type DAVI
Repetition Rate 1-20kHZ
Marking Speed ≤7m/s(275.6in/s)
Engraving Depth ≤0.4mm(0.016in)
Minimum Line Width 0.1mm(0.004in)Depends on material
Minimum Character 0.2mm(0.008in) Depends on material
Electrical Requirements 110V-240V/50Hz-60Hz   (According to local electricity supply).
Power consumption 800W
Marking Interface USB connection. Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
Communication Mode For Automation TCP/IP,IO,RS232.

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