Desktop jewellery laser welder


Desktop jewellery laser welder

Model :BY-LW -200W



laser welding machines for jewelry  repair. Good for repair of watch straps, rings, chains and bracelets.



Scope of application

Jewelry laser spot welding machine, suitable for gold jewelry laser welding, silver jewelry laser welding, titanium alloy jewelry laser spot welding processing, stainless steel jewelry laser welding, all kinds of jewelry laser spot welding, and manual laser welding of small metal parts.


Product advantages

1. The ceramic light-concentrating cavity imported from the United Kingdom is adopted, which is resistant to corrosion and high temperature, and the life of the cavity is 8-10 years.
2. High production efficiency and fast welding speed.
3. Electric adjustment of the spot size.



Model BY-LW-200W
Wavelength 1064nm
Concentrator Cavity Reflector Imported ceramic condenser cavity
Maximum Laser Power 200W
Pulse Width 0-20ms
Frequency 0-50HZ
Spot Diameter 0.3-2mm
Cooling System 3P
Rated efficacy 6.5KW
Power Demand Standard three-phase 380v ± 5%/50Hz/20A
Optional single phase 220V

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