Mainly used for fine adjustment of thick film and thin film circuit, widely used in thick film hybrid integrated circuit electronic components automotive electronics sensor military scientific research chip resistance and other industries.


Thick film circuit, sensor industry, microcircuit. Widely used in electronic components,integrated circuits,electrician electrical ,mobile communications, instrument,military industry,aerospace and many other industries on the surface of the products design,precision machining.


Widely used in thick film circuit electronics industry, with small volume,high resistance adjustment accuracy, high speed, good stability, no pollution, low noise, etc.

Resistance control software uses popular WindowsEnglish interface,easy to operate, and learn.

Perfect data processing function, supporting linear, L type, I type, Stype and other mainstream repairing resistance modes.

According to customer requirements, we can provide custom-made software and systems.


Laser source system

Choose different laser source according to different material

High-quality beam,M2<1.2

High-directive beam


Laser beam location system

Movement range of laser beam: 100mm * 100mm

Repetition locating precision: 2μm

locating precision:±2.5μm

Min stepping of laser beam:0.76μm


Repetition mechanical movement

Range of platform movement:150*150mm

Repetition locating precision: 20μm

locating precision:±10μm

Drive mode:servo motor drive


Measuring system

Constant flow source:0.1µA~100mA program control computer

Constant voltage source:0~10V program control computer(optional voltage range)


Resistance measuring mode:four-wire system+current measuring voltage

Direct voltage measure:10mV~10V

Resistance measuring precision:

Low resistance:<0.05%+1%/R (R<100Ω)

Middle resistance:<0.05%

High resistance:<0.05%+0.02%R(R>0.1MΩ)

Resistance measuring range:1Ω-10MΩ

Resistance measuring speed:25µs

Direct voltageresolution ratio:0.12µV


Computer and software system

Industrial computer(dual-core processor),19-inch LTD

Operation system:Windows XP

Editable software,friend surface,power function

Software update and function extension


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