Our products have been exported to more than 100 countries and we are looking for distributors from all over the world

Investment promotion policy

Provide you with wholesale price, support OEM ODM

Classification of agents
Product agent/Parts agent

  1. Product agent
    Laser marking machine, laser cleaning machine, laser welding machine, laser engraving machine, laser resistor repair machine, non-standard customized laser marking machine
  2. Parts agent
    1, laser source: JPT、RAYCUS、MAX、IPG
  3. Laser lens , rotary axis, 2D / 3D table , Rotary chuck , Cutting fixture, etc

Strength of plant

12 years of rich laser equipment production experience, professional, scientific, unified production testing process

20+ professional assembly production personnel, We can produce more than 500 machines per month

5+ mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, rich experience in automatic production

10+ after-sales team, can provide 24 hours one to one after-sales service and technical support

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please contact us at [email protected]