BY laser 3D Laser Marking Machine1

2.5D 3D Laser Marking Machine

Model: BY-GS

Power: 50W/60W/80W/100W/120W/200W

100*100mm or 200*200mm Engraving Field. Wavelength: 1064nm;

Suitable for laser fine processing of various large surfaces, complex surfaces, and deep carving.

It also can do curved surface marking, like spheres, cone and slope



Features and Advantages:

Adopted advanced optical design scheme, small light loss, small volume, high positioning accuracy, fast marking speed and strong anti-interference ability, etc.
Suitable for laser fine processing of various large surface, complex surfaces and deep carving.

High-speed system, meets above 3000mm/s precision hatch speed. Maximum marking height up to 200*200mm

Maximum scan field up to 200*200mm meets large scan field engraving requirements. (300*300mm optional)

Precisely control the focal length position, automatically adjust the Z-axis for the 3D deep marking process, keep the minimum spot size, and ensure the uniform graphic effect.

Adopted 3D software system, supporting various file formats, vector, bitmap and text bar code import.

Built-in concave and convex circular tube, concave and convex sphere, slope, cone, polygon, and other basic models, easy operation.

3D models can be imported; 2D shapes can be directly superimposed or projected onto the surface of the built-in curves.

The whole system adopted the optimization designing of electromagnetic compatibility, with a high signal-to-noise ratio and strong anti-interference ability.



BY 3D laserBY laser 3D Laser Marking Machine2


3D Marking samples:


3d sample(1)


Technical parameter
Technical Parameter
Model BY-100GS
Laser power 50W/60W/80W/100W/120W/200W
Marking Area 100x 100mm (4 x4in)200 x200mm (8x 8in)
Laser source JPT
Laser type Pulse
Warranty 2 years
Dimensions 780*485*790mm
Net weight 42KG
Customisable or not Customisable
Power supply voltage 220V
Wavelength 1064nm
Beam diameter 7 +-0.1mm
Cooling way Air-cooled
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