Mopa desktop

JPT MOPA M7 Desktop laser marker

Product name: JPT MOPA M7 Desktop-type fiber laser marking machine

Laser source: JPT M7 series
Application: stainless steel color marking, aluminum oxide black marking, metal engraving

Laser Power:20w/30w/50w/60w/80w/100w

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MOPA  Advantage: adjustable frequency pulse width, apply for more material than normal fiber laser marking machine

We have 13 years of laser equipment experience, Exported over 100 countries, CE、FDA、ISO9001 Certificated, if you have any need for laser marking and engraving, Customized Machines based on Your Needs

We have signed strategic cooperation agreements with major component manufacturers like (JPT, RAYCUS, DAVI, ZBTK, and SINO-GALVO) , which enable us to offer more competitive prices.


first-line accessory: JPT laser source
Two-year warranty; delivery to door, after-sales service: response to you within 12 hours
After Warranty Service:
Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service



1:Applicable to studios: metal jewelry, gold and silver laser cutting, necklace, 3D effect, photo marking, metal cards, dog tags, cups, customization, etc
2:Applicable to the factory: Machine parts, hardware tools, plastic products, medical instruments, etc
3:Flying type machine(for production line): Pipeline cable, Packing box date, bottle cap



Model BY-20GS-A/B/C BY-30GS-A/B/C BY-60GS-A/B/C BY-80GS-A/B/C BY-100GS-A/B/C BY-120GS-AB/C
Marking Area Optional
110X 110mm(4.3X43in)
150X 150mm(5.9X59in)
175X 175mm (6.9×6.9in)
Laser Type JPT  M7
Pulse Repetition Rate Range 1-4000kHZ
Pulse Duration 2 ~ 350ns 2 ~ 500ns
Output power adjustment range 0%-100%
Marking Speed ≤7m/s(275. 6in/s)


1. Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A: We are a manufacturer established in 2010, now in Luoyang CN.
welcome for factory inspection at any time.

2. Q: What should I do when something goes wrong with the laser?
A: We offer a two-year warranty. In warranty, we will provide the broken items free of charge. Beyond the warranty period, we still provide maintenance service.




handheld mini laser marking machine


EMAIL: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +86 137 8196 1057


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