Portable mini Handheld Laser Marker Marking Machine

Portable Mini Handheld Laser Marking Machine

Name: Portable Handheld laser Marking Machine

Weights only 16 KG, Built-in lithium battery

It’s portable, small in size, good in design,

Suitable for large workpiece marking.

100000 long working hours, and is easy to use.



Marking material
Metal material: gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc
Plastic material: ABS ink nylon PVC, pp, pe epoxy resin, etc

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine Widely used in electronics, computers, precision devices, hardware, watches gifts, and other industries, with marking high precision speed and stability, no pollution, low noise, and other significant characteristics. we can provide free proofing service!

technical parameter
Dimensions Case: 270* 155*245,  hand-held head: 240*100*230mm,   packing case:470*410*360mm
Laser source brand RAYCUS
Operating Hours  4-5 hours
Net weight 16 Kg
Cooling system air cooling
Laser power 20W/30w/50w
operating system Linux system
Minimum line width 0.0012mm
Marking speed ≤8000mm/s
Marking areas 75*75 mm ( standard )
Multilingualism English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc
Production line speed 0~130m/min (depending on the material)


Our advantage

Professional engineer teams can support customized automatic equipment services based on different requirements.
We have exported to more than 100 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Mexico, etc with CE, FDA, and ISO9001 certification

 Free test samples –We can carry out free marking effect tests according to your product material

Video Live- You can connect with our sales consultants to watch the production process and the operation of the machine in online video.

Customized/OEM-Customised machines on request. Contact us!


1. Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A: We are a manufacturer established in 2010, now in Luoyang CN. Committed to
providing the majority of users with economic, high-quality laser equipment. Welcome to our factory.
2. Q: How long does it take to learn the laser?
A: The software is easy to learn with teaching videos, also we can help you to learn the laser online. Usually, it will take a few hours to operate the laser, But it will take a bit of trial and error to learn what speed and power settings to use with different materials. So we include a comprehensive guide with your system that has recommended speed and power settings for various materials with which you will be working.
3. Q: How deep can it be engraved into metal?
A: All metals can be engraved into with some depth; However, some metals are more amenable to depth engraving. Softer aluminum material will engrave with depth with only a few passes. The best way to test your material is with our Applications Lab.
4. Q: Can I use a laser marking machine to mark my product and material?
According to the different materials to select the appropriate laser marking machine
Laser fiber laser marking machine: metal, plastic, stone, etc.
CO2 laser marking machine: wood, leather, ceramics, paper cutting, acrylic, plastic bottles, etc
UV laser marking machine: marking glass crystal, chip, PCB circuit board, and other ultra-fine processed materials
5. Q: Will the laser machine be safe during transport?
A: (1) Inner: plastic stretch film and white foam.
(2)Middle: small pieces of wood and screws.
(3)Outside: standard export wooden case. So, the laser machine will be sent to you safely. In case the machine was damaged, please contact us, We will process the replacement as soon as possible to ensure that it arrives in time.
6. Q: What should I do when something goes wrong with the laser?
A: We offer a two-year warranty. In warranty, we will provide the broken items free of charge. Beyond the warranty period, we still provide maintenance service.
7. Q: how do contact you?

Please send us your request and we will reply to you within 24 hours.