What are the roles of each accessory in the laser marking machine?


Laser marking machines as precision industrial processing equipment, their efficient and stable operation depends on some key accessories working together. The following is a detailed analysis of the main parts of the laser marking machine and its role:


1. Laser Source: the core components of the laser marking machine, playing the role of "heart", responsible for generating laser energy. According to the different types of light sources, lasers include fiber lasers, ultraviolet lasers, CO2 lasers, YAG lasers and semiconductor lasers. These lasers output laser beams at specific wavelengths and energy levels to meet the needs of marking different materials.

raycus laser source

2. Lens/focusing system: The optical lens set, including the F-θ lens, assumes the function of "eye". Focusing the laser beam to the precise focus position. The choice of lens directly affects the laser spot size and energy distribution, and determines the marking accuracy and quality.

3.Galvo Scanner: similar to the robot's "arm", composed of optical scanner and servo control system. Galvo Scanner quickly move the reflective mirror surface. So that the laser beam can be flexibly positioned in a two-dimensional plane, so as to achieve high-speed, accurate marking pattern scanning.

4. Computer control system: as the "brain". The computer system is equipped with specialized marking control software. Responsible for receiving commands, regulating the working status of the laser, driving the scanning galvanometer. And real-time monitoring of the entire marking process. The software also allows users to design and edit the marking pattern, and adjust the marking parameters.

5. Laser power supply: provide the laser with a stable and efficient DC or AC power supply to ensure that the laser continues to output the required energy stably.

6. Laser control card : as the core component of the laser marking machine, is used to connect the laser, scanning galvanometer and computer. It plays a control role for the whole laser marking machine. 3D engraving can be realized.

7. Auxiliary accessories:

-Rotary Axis : There are jaw chuck rotary, roller rotary, and Pen Rotary and so on. They are used in various laser rotary attachments for engraving cylindrical or irregularly shaped objects. For example, rings, bracelets, mugs, pens, etc.

-Cooling system: to keep the laser and other heat-generating parts at a suitable working temperature to prolong the life of the equipment.
-Safety protection accessories: such as optical gates, shields, etc., to ensure the safety of the operator to avoid laser leakage injury.

To sum up, the laser marking machine's various accessories cooperate, and together constitute a highly integrated, highly automated precision processing system, realizing a one-stop marking solution from design to finished product, which is widely used for product marking and tracing in many industries, such as electronic components, automotive parts, jewelry and ornaments, medical devices and so on.

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