Customer Case – USA


1.Customer industry: Mainly produces all kinds of carbon, stainless steel and alloy accessories, such as: screws, plugs, forged pipes, couplings, hot sleeve and other metal accessories.

2.Factory strength: Founded in 1931, mainly distributed in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Texas

3. Cooperative Transactions: total 28 sets machines

March 28th, 2022:   50W-RAYCUS standard type machine     ----   10 sets

July 13th, 2022:    50W-RAYCUS desktop handheld machine   ----   3 sets

August 9th, 2022:   50W-RAYCUS standard type machine      ----   15 sets

4. Reasons for cooperation and our advantages:

① The customer trusts me enough

②The overall service: from customer payment to customer receive the goods, everything is my follow-up (from the production situation, the machine running situation, the packing, shipping situation - transportation - sea shipping situation - the U.S. inland transportation condition, etc.) and timely feedback to the customer of the goods and the circumstances, in the process of the whole customer don't have to worry about anything.

③ Machine quality

④ After-sales service and technical support: After the first transaction, I solved the problem of two machines he bought before. And timely solve the problems of the machine and provide technical support

⑤Help clients with machine customization requirements