The best solution for PCB materials- UV laser


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PCB disassembly

UV laser cutting is an optimal choice for large or small production. At the same time, it is also a good choice for PCB disassembly, especially when it needs to be applied to a flexible or rigid-flex circuit board. Disassembly is to remove a single circuit board from the panel. Considering the increasing flexibility of the material, this disassembly will face great challenges.

V-groove cutting and automatic circuit board cutting and other mechanical disassembly methods are easy to damage sensitive and thin substrates, which causes trouble for electronic professional manufacturing service (EMS) companies when disassembling flexible and rigid-flex circuit boards.

UV laser cutting can not only eliminate the mechanical stress generated during the disassembly process of punching edge processing, deformation and damage to circuit components, but also have less thermal stress than the application of other lasers such as CO2 laser cutting.

The reduction in "cutting cushions" saves space, which means that components can be placed closer to the edge of the circuit, and more circuits can be installed on each circuit board to maximize efficiency and thus reach the maximum limit of flexible circuit applications .