Off-Road Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

200W 300W Off-Road Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

Off-Road Handheld Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

Model: BY-BLC

Direct cleaning without opening the cabinet, no harm to the substrate


Application Areas:

Suitable for rust removal, oil removal, paint removal, coating removal, oxidation layer removal, plating layer removal, welding seam cleaning, adhesive layer removal, and cultural relics restoration.
It can be used in aerospace, mold, automotive, food, tire wheel, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries.

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1. Stable frame, push and pull freely. High-strength construction with ergonomic design.
2. Large-size tubeless tires. Strong anti-vibration performance. Easy to cope with complex road conditions. Brakes on both sides, safe locking. Easy to park on slopes.
3. Lightweight cleaning head (only 620g), easy to hold for long time operation. Double protection to minimize damage to the galvanometer.
4. Stamped heat sink. Slanted waterproof design Protects the laser source and adapts to complex environments.
5. Air-cooled heat dissipation to reduce energy consumption. Cleaning head chuck + elastic band design. Double fixed protection, no fear of complex road conditions.
6. passed several strict tests in the industry (high temperature, vibration, fatigue, cable bending test, etc.). Reliable quality, stable, and durable.


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off-road pulse laser cleaning

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Technical parameter
Laser power 200W,300W
Laser source JPT
Operating Mode Pulse
Pulse Width 10-500ns
Cooling method Air Cooling
Warranty 1 year
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Fiber length 5m
Adjustable Field 0-130mm
Net weight 82kg/87 kg
Host Size(L*W*H) 1170*660*1100mm
Input Voltage AC220V±10%
Input Power 1KW 1.5KW
Ambient Temperature 0℃-35℃

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