BLC laser cleaning

Mobile Continuous Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Handheld Continuous Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Model: BY-BLC

Easily Remove Rust, Painting, Oil, and Coating. Compared with the Pulse Type of Laser Cleaning Machine, the Continuous Fiber Laser Cleaner is More Suitable for cleaning Large areas.  Upgraded Cleaning Gun Head, Continuous Operation without Burning the Lens.

Improve your cleaning efficiency and reduce your input and maintenance costs!

Laser power:1000w、1500w、2000w、3000w


We can support OEM & ODM service
Laser source warranty: 2 years
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Product features:

  1. Super simple operation: Start-up and cleaning in two steps
  2. Mobile cleaning: Trolley type, can be moved anywhere
  3. Unique dustproof air nozzle design optimizes airflow and fully protects the lens from dust. No burning of the lens, and increases the lens life
  4. Stable cleaning system with easy maintenance: Safe operation and long work life
  5. Improved efficiency in large-area cleaning: Excellent cleaning speeds
  6. Green cleaning method: Economical, energy-efficient, and reliable cleaning process
  7. Efficiency Comparison: 3000W Efficiency is about 3.8 times of 1500W, 2.7 times of 2000W.

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1000W_1500W_2000W_3000W Mobile Laser Cleaning Machine Integrated Water-cooler Continuous Fiber Laser Cleaner


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Our Advantage
  • We have exported to more than 80 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, Mexico, etc with CE, FDA, and ISO9001 certification
  • Professional engineer teams can support customized automatic equipment services based on different requirements.
  • Equipped with English user manual, VCD training video & tutorials;
    Easy to operate, customer service guidance, and convenient for new users to learn quickly.
  • 1 Year Warranty for the Whole Machine, 2 Years Warranty for the Laser Source
  • Warranty service: video technical support, online support, after-sale repair service


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1. What is the speed of the laser cleaning machine?
Different laser types determine the cleaning speed of the cleaning machine, and the cleaning speed is within the range of 0.5m²/h-15m²/h

2. Is it possible to clean the mold?
Yes, You can give us your mailbox, and we will send the video of the laser cleaning machine cleaning the mold to your mailbox

3. Is there any damage to the cleaning material?
Depending on what type you need, the pulse type has a finer cleaning effect, and the continuous type has a faster cleaning speed, Relative damage of material, the pulse type is less than the continuous type.

4. Language interface
Support Chinese and English, and language settings can also be set according to customer needs

5. Shipping and Warranty
Stock available, shipping quickly, delivery to door.
Machine warranty one year, Free after-sales maintenance


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